EV Charger Station DC

EV Charger Station 120KW DC

DC Quick EV Charger

The system integrates the charger, charging interface, man-machine interface, communication, billing and other functions into a whole, which is suitable for outdoor DC quick charging of electric vehicles.

Core advantages:

  • The AC intelligent electric energy meter is configured to measure its charging,and the relevant information can be uploaded to the controller and the power acquisition terminal through RS485.
  • Comprehensive measurement,control and protection of the running state of the charger,such as condition monitoring,fault monitoring,measuring and billing,coordinated control in charging.
  • OLED and key to realize man-machine interface.There are four billing ways:quantity of electricity,amount,time or automatically.The charging ways,time,quantity of electricity and billing information are displayed in real time during the charging.
  • RF reader, support IC card payment.
  • Sound communication´╝îsupport RS485/RS232/Ethernet/NFC/GPRS.
  • Sound protection.

Three plugs or double plugs, multiple mode combinations. The combination is as follows, replacing the front door cover can be converted into a dual plugs DC charging point.